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3 Myths About Wisdom Teeth You’ve Probably Heard Before

Wisdom teeth are the common name for your third molars, which grow much later than the first and second molars. These teeth make their appearance typically in the late teens to early twenties, when the other adult teeth make their way into their final position between ages eight and 12.

According to dental product manufacturer Crest, wisdom tooth extraction is a necessary medical procedure for 85% of patients. Because of this, it’s seen as a universal or near-universal rite of passage between childhood and adulthood which is almost always accomplished before age 25. There are some myths about these molars which are commonly believed because of how easily the teeth can become impacted and need to come out.

1. Your Wisdom Teeth Get Impacted Because Your Mouth Is Too Small For Them

Wisdom tooth impaction is an experience that’s considered almost universal and asserted to be because wisdom teeth are too large for a modern human mouth. While a full 32 teeth are quite a mouthful, the size of the third molars and their appearance so far back in the mouth is only partially to blame for the fact that you will almost always have to have them surgically removed.

Modern dentistry and orthodontics are also to blame. By making sure that you have your full set of teeth longer and that your teeth are properly spaced for efficient bites, you might not have room for the additional molars that can take the place of possibly infected previous molars.

2. Everyone Has All Four Wisdom Teeth

This is simply an untrue belief. Not only does not everyone have all four wisdom teeth, but some people have no wisdom teeth at all; The third molars simply never develop. For most people, however, this is true. You will almost certainly have to have your wisdom teeth removed.

3. Wisdom Tooth Removal is Painful

Thanks to modern anesthetics, you won’t feel a thing when your wisdom teeth come out. Even a damaged, partially erupted wisdom tooth can be extracted painlessly. The pain-related thing most third molar extraction patients notice is the relief of pain they didn’t know they were suffering until the extra teeth are removed from their heads.

People have wisdom tooth removals without any significant repercussions and feel great relief after those molars are gone. If you have an upcoming wisdom teeth extraction appointment and need some peace of mind, give us a call today so we can address any additional myths or concerns you may have!

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