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How to Create Healthy Dental Hygiene Habits in Children

Good dental health is a wonderful habit to instill in your children. If your child is ready to begin visiting a pediatric dentist, it’s time to help them start to understand the importance of good dental hygiene. According to Today’s Dental, the average American spends an impressive 38.5 days brushing their teeth when measured over their lifetimes. Now is the perfect time to get your child started!

Begin Dental Visits Early

The first trip a child takes to visit their pediatric dentist can be a stressful experience. Many children fear dental visits but often adjust and feel okay once they arrive at the office. When it’s time for your child’s first visit, it’s important to allay their fears. You’ll want your child to understand the importance of regular dental visits as much as they can without frightening or increasing their anxiety.

Explain the Importance of Regular Brushing

Similar to their introducing the concept of dental visits, you’ll also want to teach your child how to properly brush their teeth. It can become a fun wake-up and bedtime routine that you do together or a task that they handle themselves. The most important thing to instill in their minds is that this is something that they need to do every day. There are a number of ways to make tooth brushing fun, from singing silly songs to buying them a toothbrush featuring a favorite cartoon character. It’s important to find a balance between letting them know it’s important and preventing it from feeling like another chore.

Instill Healthy Snacking Habits

As you begin teaching your child about healthy dental hygiene, you’ll also want them to learn about healthy snacking habits. Kids love snacks and sweets and sodas, so it’s vitally important to help them understand that these are special treats, not everyday foods and drinks. It can be helpful to create a reward system that includes snacks as well as other items given for good behavior. The more you can present treats as a special and fun treat rather than a restricted “no-no”, the less likely they’ll be to rebel.

Our comprehensive practice is proud to have the local pediatric dentist that our community relies on. If it’s time to begin your child’s dental wellness journey, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving your family’s dental needs!

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